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UltraX API has a lot of features and keep getting updated from time to another to keep users happy and entertained and of course with privacy!

The API has a lot of endpoints which can be used to get some sort of information or others, it has a nice documentation to make it easy for developers to understand how it works. The free plan has 750 requests per day, while other paid plans starting from $3 to $10 can offer from 1300 requests per day, to unlimited requests per day!


The website include a store where you can buy codes and discord bots using Xelous which is the main currency.

The website offers a store so you can buy things such as discord commands with low prices, and they are made and filtered with multiple categories. However if you're not a developer you can order your own discord bot and its fully customizable, the price is depending on the bot you want to order, you also get a .txt/pdf file with the bot you ordered explaining how to host it and how it works, and what do you need to change which will be 2 lines usually!