Frequently Asked Questions

How to partnership?

In order to partnership you will need to meet multiple requirement, those requirements are set to maintain the security of our website and users, you will need to mail us on [email protected]
- Your website must have an SSL Certificate.
- Must have a reasonable amount of visits per day.
- Not related to any NSFW content or inappropriate content.
- Have valid set of Terms of Service or Terms & Conditions, addition to Privacy Policy.
- Has to be related to our service and not far away from our objective.

However, there will be more requirements put in value once you mail us.

I need a instant help and i can't wait for the reply email...

You can join our official Discord server at and you will get instant and direct help conversation with the moderators, and if necessary with the website creator team.

I made a payment and i didn't receive my product...

Just simply give us your order ID or prove that you bought a product. If you don't have any proof, you can tell us the time you bought the item, its name and your email and more information that you might be asked for while contacting our support. For that reason we do log all purchases to make sure that everyone received their product.

I forgot my password, how can i reset it?

You will need to go to and follow the required steps to recover your account's password. The verification email might get sent to your spam folder, if it did, mark us as not spam so you never receive it in spam again. It might take from 30 seconds to 2 minutes to receive an email. contact us if you had issues receiving your code.

Where can i give my feedback, suggestion or report a malfunction?

If you want to give us a feedback about our service or a suggestion you can checkout, and make sure that no one else has the same suggestion as you :D!
For Malfunctions, please mail it to us through [email protected] or let us know through our Discord server!